TS is a program specifically for middle and high school students who are interested in college, but are unsure how to choose a college, apply, or pay for it.


Summer 2021 Update

TRIO Programs is offering face-to-face tutoring in math and writing for TRIO students in TAC 105A by appointment only from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Appointments can be made by calling or texting Liisa Preslan at 360-219-3368 or emailing TRIO students should check their TRiO Canvas Class for more specific information.

What is TS?

TS can help you to identify your career interests and sort through the colleges and programs that will best meet your needs. Program staff can also provide assistance with preparation for pre-college entrance exams, college admission applications, and financial aid paperwork. If this sounds good to you, then you may be a good candidate for TS, a federal TRiO program funded by the Department of Education and administered by Centralia College.

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Eleven school districts in Lewis and Thurston counties receive services from the Centralia College TS Program. To be eligible for TS, you must attend one of the schools listed below:

Middle Schools

  • Centralia Middle School
  • Chehalis Middle School
  • Mossyrock Middle School
  • Napavine Middle School
  • Onalaska Middle School
  • Pe Ell Middle School
  • Rainier Middle School
  • Rochester Middle School
  • Tenino Middle School
  • Toledo Middle School
  • Winlock Middle School
High Schools
  • Centralia High School
  • Mossyrock High School
  • Napavine High School
  • Onalaska High School
  • Pe Ell High School
  • Rainier High School
  • Rochester High School
  • Tenino High School
  • Toledo High School
  • W.F.West High School
  • Winlock High School


TS program services are provided through classroom presentations, workshops, group and one-on-one activities to ensure academic success. All services are FREE.

  • Academic advice and assistance in secondary school and college course selection
  • Assistance in completing college admission and financial aid applications
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations
  • Guidance on secondary school reentry or entry to other programs leading to a secondary school diploma or its equivalent
  • Career advising/planning
  • Tutorial services
  • Exposure to college campuses as well as cultural events, academic programs, and other sites or activities not usually available to participants
  • Workshops and counseling for parents of students served
  • Mentoring programs
  • Activities designed to meet the specific educational needs of individuals in grades six through eight
  • Expanding Your Horizons Conference: 6-9th grade female students explore nontraditional math and science careers while parents attend college planning workshops
  • Life Management Conference: 9th grade students attend workshops with activities designed to develop life management skills
  • Rotary/TS Mentorship Day: 10-12th grade students explore careers of interest by spending time with an employer or business
  • College Planning Day: A one-stop opportunity for all high school sophomores, juniors and undecided seniors to learn about Washington State's higher education options
  • Financial Aid and College Information Workshops: Information sessions regarding college financial aid, admissions and application procedures
  • Field Trips: 7-12th grades visit college campuses, attend cultural events, academic programs, and other sites or activities not usually available to participants

TS students are also eligible for membership-exclusive programs, National Leadership Congress held in Washington D.C., and participation in various summer camps and activities (all of which are free to the student). 

TS Staff

Liisa Preslan

Liisa Preslan
Email Liisa Preslan

Cindy Broadbent

Cindy Broadbent
Program Specialist
Serves Tenino and Rochester Middle and High Schools
Email Cindy Broadbent

Kathleen Vodjansky-Ward

Kathleen Vodjansky-Ward
Assistant Director
Serves Chehalis Middle School and W.F. West High School
Email Kathleen Vodjansky-Ward

Clarence Gundersen

Clarence Gundersen
Program Specialist
Serves Centralia, Rainier, and Onalaska Middle and High Schools
Email Clarence Gundersen

Karen Brooks

Karen Brooks
Specialist Support
Serves Pe Ell Middle and High School
Email Karen Brooks

Alma Camorlinga

Alma Camorlinga
Office Assistant III 
Email Alma Camorlinga


Naomi Huffman

Naomi Huffman
Program Specialist
Serves Napavine, Toledo, and Winlock Middle and High Schools
Email Naomi Huffman

Cindy Jones

Cindy Jones
Specialist Support
Serves Mossyrock Middle and High School
Email Cindy Jones