ctcLink for Faculty

In February 2021 a new payroll, accounting, and student management system launched at Centralia College.

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For faculty, you will have new online tools to help you manage class rosters, enter grades, submit early alerts, and manage advising. Additional ctcLink self-service features will help you manage your own experience as an employee.

ctcLink is entirely web-based, which means if you are working remotely you will no longer need to use VDI to access certain advising or early alert tools.    

A universal ctcLink ID (also referred to as EMPLID) will replace Faculty SIDs and will enable access to a wide range of faculty-specific tools. This ctcLink ID will serve as your faculty and employee ID number at Centralia College, as well as any other community and technical colleges in the SBCTC consortium.

Due Date Task / Activity
Friday, Jan. 15

All Faculty will be auto-enrolled in SBCTC ctcLink online self-paced training classes

  • If you have not already contacted your dean to register, you will be auto-enrolled in applicable SBCTC ctcLink online self-paced training classes on this date. (Please see training checklist below)
  • Please accept the invitation(s) from your Canvas dashboard and complete the assigned courses on or before Friday, Jan. 29.
Friday, Jan. 29

All Faculty

All faculty need to complete online self-paced training - estimated completion time 3+ hours 

  • Faculty Center - how to accept your teaching contracts, view your quarterly schedule and class rosters, enter grades, submit student alerts
  • Employee Homepage - how to access your payroll information, provide W-2 consent, manage personal details

All Faculty Advisors

  • Advisor Center - how to view student Academic Advisement and Transfer Credit reports, access student planners, print unofficial transcripts


Wednesday, Feb. 10

All Faculty will need to activate their ctcLink user account to obtain a ctcLink ID.

  1. Activate your new ctcLink Account - Faculty will receive account activation instructions via email. When you activate your account, you will receive your new ctcLink ID. This will replace your existing SID number. Remember to write down your new ctcLink ID, along with the answers to your security questions. Important note: CANVAS is not going to change. All legacy SIDs will be phased out eventually, but CANVAS will continue to accept your 910 number.
  1. Verify your personal information through the Employee Self-Service homepage.
  1. Verify the accuracy of your course rosters in the ctcLink Faculty Center.
  1. ADVISORS: Verify your advisees in the ctcLink Advisor Center.

Advising, Grading, and Early Alert

  • Instructor Briefcase  ctcLink Faculty Homepage (Grade Roster)
  • Advisor Data Portal (ADP)  ctcLink Advisor Homepage
  • Degree Audit  ctcLink Advisor Homepage
  • Early Alert  ctcLink Faculty Homepage

Stipends & Contracts

  • Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS)  PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)

Admissions & Enrollment

  • Student Management System (SMS)  PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS)
  • Course Catalog & Class Schedule

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Management (FAM)  PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS)

Purchasing, Travel & Expense Reporting, Accounts Payable/1099s

  • Financial Management System (FMS)  PeopleSoft Financial Management (FMSC)

Payroll & Human Resources Management

  • Payroll/Personnel Management System (PPMS)  PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Employee Earnings & Leave App  ctcLink Employee Homepage
  • PeopleAdmin HR Application  PeopleSoft Talent Acquisition Management (TAM)

Timesheets & Leave Slips

  • Time & Leave (myCC)  PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM)

Budget Management, Grants/Contracts, Asset Management, Inventory Tracking

  • Financial Management System (FMS)  PeopleSoft Financial Management (FMSC)

Reporting & Data Requests

  • HPUX Data Express  SBCTC Datalink
  • eLearning Software remains the same
    • Canvas Learning Management System – no change
    • Panopto Video Platform – no change
  • Facilities Management software remains the same
    • 25Live Room & Event Scheduling software - no change  
    • Megamation DirectLine Work Order software - no change

General Questions

Your primary points of contact on this transition are listed below.

 Division Contact
Arts & Sciences Chastity Pennington
Career & Technical Education Piper Phillips
Centralia College East Lynn Schinnell
Continuing Education Katie Aden
Corrections Education Erika Strong
Emily Passarelli
Transitional Education Geina Studeman

Help with Specialized Training

Connect with these resources for help with specific issues in your training.

Training Area Contact
Faculty Center - One-on-one faculty support and “how to” videos

eLearningsupport@centralia.edu / 360-623-8955

Advisor Center - Advisor training and support

advising@centralia.edu / 360-623-8967

Technical Support - Account activitation, password and security question reset

helpdesk@centralia.edu / 360-623-8910


Faculty Learning Community

Connect with peers by joining the Faculty Learning Community via WebEx Teams.

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams ctcLink Resources for Faculty
  2. Log in with the same Centralia College credentials you use for email and myCC
    Connect via your web browser at  https://teams.microsoft.com or download the app to your desktop or mobile device at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/download-app.


Connect with the Pilot Faculty

The following faculty members have agreed to be points of contact for other faculty as well as “super users” who can provide walkthrough demos, peer support, and resource recommendations.   

Please contact any (or all) of us for more information.

Instruction Area Faculty Contact
Transitional Education
  • Lisa Spitzer
  • Joe Burr
  • Angie Kiehn (CC East)
  • Kyle Sutton
Corrections Education (GHEC, Cedar Creek, Green Hill) Patricia Meierdiercks
Career & Technical Education
  • Tara Boerner
  • Georganne Copeland 
  • Amy Spain 
  • Betsy Lazo
  • Bobby Burger
Arts & Sciences
  • Atara MacNamara
  • Carrie Johnson

Quick Reference Guides

Employee Self-Service Faculty Center Advisor Center


ctcLink Project office