Campus Safety & Security

Your safety and security on our campuses are our top priority.

Stay connected to campus safety and security resources.

covid info

COVID-19 Information

Get updates and information about CC's response to COVID-19/coronavirus here.

fire & security report

Annual Security & Fire Safety Report

This annual report contains crime and fire statistics from the previous three years for certain on campus, non-campus, and residential college facilities.

daily crime and fire log

Daily Crime & Fire Log

The Daily Crime and Fire Log contains the information entered by Centralia College Safety and Security Personnel. Also included in the Daily Crime and Fire Log is a brief summary of the incident.

emergency alerts

Sign up for Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications include weather and emergency notices and campus closure information.

Students & College Employees

  • To get text alerts visit and use your employee or student email address and password. 
  • To get alerts for CCEast only, text #cceastupdates to 360-347-2908 or subscribe online.

Community Members

  • To get text alerts for Centralia College, text #ccalerts to 360-347-2347 or subscribe online.
  • To get alerts for CCEast only, text #cceastupdates to 360-347-2908 or subscribe online.

emergency procedures


Be prepared for any incident on campus. Learn CC's procedures for fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials, active shooters, and much more.

submit a report


Were you injured at CC? Did you see or hear about a safety or security incident? We need to know. Use this simple online form to report injuries, accidents, and other incidents.


360-623-8888 Reporting Line
360-623-8741 Information Line