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Get outside. Get dirty. Explore. Outdoors classes can get you outside and enjoying the wonders of our community.

Fall Classes

Registration is now open for fall classes. Dates and times are listed below with each class.

NEW! Ultralight Hiking

A series of classes revolved around backpacking using techniques to travel lighter. Too many hikers carry too much weight in their pack. This often creates physical discomfort and pain, limits the distance they can travel and makes their hike a death march…greatly limiting what should be an enjoyable, refreshing experience. This class will teach backpackers and even day hikers, how to make the decisions necessary to lighten their pack weight and enjoy backpacking again. Instructor: Judson Lang.

Oct 11-25          M        6:00pm – 9:00pm      WAH 115      Code 30004                 Course CS 117A                     $30

NEW! Surviving an Unexpected Night in the Woods

This course teaches how to survive an unplanned night outdoors. People go into the woods for many reasons: to hike, bird watching, picnic, photography, fishing, mountain biking, trail running, etc. What do you do if your planned day goes wrong? A broken ankle or getting lost, and you have to spend a night out in the forest? Too often, in the mountains, a cell phone does not get reception and help is not just a phone call away. This class will teach the average person simple strategies for surviving the unexpected night out in the forest. How to make the decisions necessary to be safe, stay warm, and survive. Instructor: Judson Lang.

Oct 13-27          W        6:00pm – 9:00pm      WAH 115      Code 30006                 Course CS 117B                     $30

NEW! Basic Map and Compass Use

A class that teaches beginning students the basics of using a topographic map with a compass to find their way over backcountry terrain while hiking or backpacking. The knowledge from this class will help people, who visit the backcountry, feel more confident in finding their way either on trails or over open terrain. Competency with map and compass skills is the first step everyone should have that visits and uses the great outdoors. Learn to read topo maps, figure out where you are on a map, plot a course to where you want to go, and follow a compass bearing. Learn not to rely on GPS. Instructor: Judson Lang.

Nov 10-17        W        6:00pm – 9:00pm      WAH 115    Code 30008                 Course CS 116A                                 $30

NEW! Avalanche Awareness

This class teaches the critical skills in avoiding avalanches and recognizing dangerous terrain. Too many skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers go into the backcountry and are unaware of the dangers they encounter. They make unsafe decisions based on their lack of knowledge or training. This class will teach winter backcountry users how to recognize when they may be in danger, how to make the decisions necessary to improve their safety and enjoy the winter backcountry. Instructor: Judson Lang.

Nov 15            M        6:00pm – 9:00pm      WAH 115     Code 30009     Course CS 116B                     $30

NEW! How to Hike with Your Kids and Still Have Fun

This class teaches new parents the beginning basics when they take their young children hiking. What to take, where to go and how to let kids discover the world around them. The knowledge from this class will help teach parents who want to visit the backcountry with their children, an easy way to get the kids motivated and engaged in what they are doing. Insure that the kids enjoyed the experience and want to do more, rather than leaving children with the feeling that hiking is boring and not fun. Take this class and learn how to let your young children develop into seasoned hikers who enjoy and respect the great outdoors. Instructor: Judson Lang.

Nov 16            T         6:00pm – 9:00pm      WAH 115      Code 30012     Course CS 116C                     $30

NEW! Put Your Garden to Bed

Learn what you need to do to prepare your garden for fall and winter months. We will cover how to take care of your landscape & garden plants, irrigation and water features as well as what you can plant, mulch and fertilize during this time. Includes a year-round garden schedule, cool-warm season veggie guide, handout and eBook. Instructor: Kerri Bailey.

Sep 21             T         6:00pm – 7:30pm      Online/Zoom     Code 30016     Course CS 116D2                   $30

NEW! Edible Year-Round Garden

Combine function with form by using edible plants in your landscape. Flowers, fruits, herbs and veggies can be both attractive and useful for cooking, baking, fresh eating and for beverages. Learn which plants you can grow and when, that can be used for crafts, cooking, canning while cutting down on your grocery bill. Discuss warm season vs. cool season veggies as well as growing techniques and planning by the moon cycle. Includes handout and eBook. Instructor: Kerri Bailey.

Oct 5               T         6:00pm – 7:30pm      Online/Zoom     Code 30020     Course CS 116E2                    $30

How to Register

  1. Download and fill out a registration form.
  2. Mail the registration form to:
Centralia College
Office of Enrollment Services
600 Centralia College Blvd.
Centralia, WA 98531
  1. Download a registration form or pick one up in the Enrollment Services Office on the second floor of the TransAlta Commons on CC's campus.
  2. Bring the completed registration form to the Cashier, also on the second floor of the TransAlta Commons building.

Register by phone using a credit card at 360-623-8940.

Fax your registration form with credit card information to 360-330-7106.