Testing Center

The Testing Center is located in the Kirk Library and offers college placement testing, proctored testing, and testing for other Centralia College academic classes.

Important Information for Spring 2020

Centralia College is on remote operations until May 4. 

College Placement

We are offering remote testing for the college placement test. For information, please email your name and phone number to testingcenter@centralia.edu. We look forward to serving you.

English Placement

For English, you now have two options available.

  • Remote Writing Challenge – You can receive a writing assignment from the Testing Center and submit it for review. For more details or to arrange a test, contact testingcenter@centralia.edu.
  • GPA Placement – If you’ve completed high school in the last two years, we can use your GPA to place you in a college English class. Talk to you advisor for details.Contact us at 360-623-8920 or via email at testingcenter@centralia.edu. Be sure to include your name, telephone number, and question. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Math Placement

We will work with you to find the math class that is best for you. Email the Testing Center for additional information.

Contact the Testing Center

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