Technology in the Library

We have a range of technology to help you complete your coursework and succeed.

Printing is charged in all of our campus computer labs. In order to print, you will need to set up your print management account online and add the $5.00 print card money into your account. Basically, you will need to:

Purchase your $5.00 print card from the bookstore or from the vending machines in Kirk Library, Washington Hall, New Science Center, and Student Center. The print card acts like an iTunes gift card so you can put money into your account.
Register for a new print management account at
Redeem your $5.00 print card money into your print management account.
For detailed instructions, see How to Print in the Computer Labs.

Library computers have the following programs:

  • Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Kurzweil 3000

A copier/scanner is available in Kirk Library for public use. Each copy is 10 cents. Our copier is black and white and produces single-sided copies. It takes only coins and dollar bills. 

Scanning to USB drives is free. It creates multipage PDFs.

Campus-wide wireless internet is available for the educational and business needs of current students, employees, and guests of Centralia College. All users must comply with the college's Computer Use Policy, Student Rights & Responsibilities Code, and Copyright Rules.

The wireless network is not a public internet access network. Access codes are required to use the college’s wireless networks and are available at various locations on campus, including the library's Ask Here Desk. Stop by the Ask Here Desk in person to get it.

For directions on how to connect to the wireless network, see Centralia College Wireless Network.

The library has 31 computers available for currently enrolled Centralia College students to use for academic purposes when they are not reserved for library instruction. When the computer lab is reserved for library instruction, signs will be posted to notify students of the hours when the lab is reserved. Students may use the computers until the posted times.

The library also has two stand up computers available for public use and quick tasks. Users are limited to 10 minutes on these computers.

For more information about our library computer lab policies, see Library Policies > Library Computer Use.

The library has laptops available for students to borrow for a week (7 days) at a time. To borrow these laptops, students must agree to the Technology Borrowing Policy, provide a photo ID, and sign the Technology Borrowing Agreement.

The library has hotspots available for students to borrow for a week (7 days) at a time. To borrow these hotspots, students must agree to the Technology Borrowing Policy, provide a photo ID, and sign the Technology Borrowing Agreement.

Our hotspots rely on the Verizon wireless network, so they need to be within Verizon services area to work. Check the Verizon Service Area Interactive Map to make sure service is available near you.

To maintain a quiet study space for students, headphones are required to listen to audio on all computers. USB headphones are available for check out at the Check Out Desk. You will need a photo ID (student ID card or driver’s license) to check one out. Please be considerate of other students who are studying. Keep the volume low. You will be asked to lower the volume if it is loud enough to disturb others.
All of the computers in the library computer lab have Kurzweil 3000 on them. The library also hosts one special computer station from the Disabilities Services Center in the computer lab. This computer sits on a table that can be adjusted for height and is connected to a magnification device. Students who need to use the vision and hearing assistance software or the adjustable table at this computer station have priority.