Find a Student Job

Centralia College loves student workers! Student workers provide critical support to CC programs and services. In return, students gain valuable work experience in a variety of settings.

Find a Job

  1. Do you qualify for financial aid? Verify that you are eligible for work study with the Financial Aid Department. If you haven’t been awarded work-study funding, you can still hold a job on campus. Students, who are enrolled in at least six college credits with SAP in good standing, may work as student employees regardless of whether they’ve been awarded financial aid.

  2. Check available job openings on the job board near the Student Job Center. Consider positions related to your major and/or career interest. It is your responsibility to read the job requirements thoroughly and apply for those positions that match your skills and abilities.

  3. Obtain a Student Employee Referral from the Student Job Center for each interview. You’ll need an appointment in September to apply for Fall Quarter positions. Other times, we hold a first-come, first-served policy.

  4. Don’t leave without a referral form which contains valuable information such as wage, type of job, supervisor name, amount of money you are eligible to earn per quarter, and number of hours per week you may work. YOU MUST NOT EXCEED THESE MAXIMUMS. Students may work up to 15 hours per week on-campus (no more than 69 hours per month) through any combination of student employment jobs (positions range from 4 to 15 hours per week). Students may not combine student employment with regular employment.

  5. Make an appointment for an interview with the supervisor. This is a real job interview. Dress for success, silence your cell phone, bring your updated resume AND referral form with you.

  6. After the interview, return the referral form to the Student Job Center. If you are hired, you will complete employment forms and receive further instructions.

  7. If you are not hired, ask Student Job Center staff for a referral to another position or for additional help.


Contact Student Job Center

Monica Brummer
Program Coordinator
TransAlta Commons Building, Room 228
Email Monica Brummer