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What is Workforce Education?

workforce students

Workforce Education means jobs!

Workforce Education is a partnership between Washington's community and technical colleges and government working with business and industry leaders to provide education and training to prepare students for immediate employment in professional and technical fields.

Whether you are looking to improve your technical skills at your present job with one of our Certificate Programs, are a displaced homemaker or unemployed worker in need of retraining, are interested in a career change, or a Veteran, there is a Workforce Education program available to help you achieve your goals.

Centralia College works closely with business and industry leaders to offer education and training for in-demand jobs, with living-wages, that in most cases provide medical and retirement benefits. These programs are designed to provide the necessary skills needed for an ever changing and competitive workforce.

Through many of our programs we often are able to provide specialized support and financial aid options that may not otherwise be available.

Workforce Degrees

Workforce Programs

Support for Workforce Students

  • Identifying in-demand career fields for training
  • Career counseling for a career that matches your needs and interests
  • National, state and regional local wage and other labor market information
  • Job placement assistance when nearing program completion
  • Strong partnership with regional WorkSource offices to maximize your options and success
  • Quality instruction by recognized faculty leaders
  • Training programs designed by industry leaders using updated equipment and technology

Are you eligible for additional funding?

Step-by-step assistance getting started in a new career

  • Veterans
  • Self Employed
  • Displaced Homemakers
  • Collecting Unemployment Insurance

Workforce Education programs often offer additional support and funding sources that may help cover start-up tuition, cost of books and some other training related expenses after regular financial aid processes are completed.

Funding sources such as Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grants, and Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) are coordinated to maximize funding and to stretch financial resources.

See Funding Your Education for more information.

Training that puts you to work...

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