Music Classes

Centralia College offers open performance groups for community musicians, as well as music classes for those interested in learning.

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2019 Fall Classes

Concert Choir

The Centralia College Choir is a vocal ensemble made up of Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass voices and is open to all students and community members regardless of musical knowledge or background. You must be able to match a pitch as we move very rapidly. Literature will include high-level standard repertoire as well as contemporary favorites. There is one formal concert in Corbet Theater, with any additional concerts to be agreed upon as offered. Instructor: Vicki Tobin. 

Sept. 19-Nov. 26         Thursdays        6:30-9pm        WAH 103
Code 4646                   Course CS 164A4                               $25

Community Band

Lewis County Community Band offers performance experience for band instrumentalists, college students, and community adults. Provides opportunity to improve technical and musical skills, as well as community service when possible. If you do not have an instrument, some are available through the college for a rental fee of $40 per quarter. Directed by Louie Blaser.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26         Tuesdays         7-9pm        WAH 152
Code 4647                   Course CS 163A                                 $25

Jazz Ensemble

Centralia College Jazz Ensemble will focus on the preparation of various jazz styles for public concerts, festivals, and other musical events. Jazz Ensemble members are required to participate in the scheduled concert and any other scheduled band performances. Members may be required to pass an audition to register for the course. You must provide your own instrument and be able to read music. This class has a $4 online access fee included in the price. Instructor: Louie Blaser. No class 11/6.

Sept. 18-Nov. 27         Wednesdays   6-8:30pm       WAH 150
Code 4648                   Course CS 164B                                 $60 

Beginning Guitar

In this 10-week course, you will learn the basic skills for reading music and techniques needed to play the guitar. The class is for students with little or no background in guitar performance. You must supply your own acoustic guitar. This course will include a study of beginning guitar techniques and may incorporate repertoire from a variety of musical styles. Your knowledge of music theory and music reading will be developed. Instructor: Daven Tillinghast.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26         Tuesdays & Thursdays            1:30-2:50pm   WAH 103
Code 4649                   Course CS 163B                               $215

How to Register

By Mail Mail your registration form to Centralia College Office of Enrollment Services, 600 Centralia College Blvd., Centralia, WA 98531.

In Person Bring your registration form to the Enrollment Services Office on the second floor of the TransAlta Commons on CC's campus.

By Phone Register by phone using a credit card at 360-623-8940.

By Fax Fax your registration with credit card information to 360-330-7106.