Health & Fitness Classes

Health nuts and couch potatoes welcome! Better health is a destination and we all arrive on the path at different places. Find your happy, healthy place with Centralia College!

2019 Fall Health & Fitness Classes


stretchingBasic Weights/Conditioning

This class is designed to condition the musculature of the body using machine and free weights. Instructor: Tina Goss.                                

Sept. 16-Nov. 27       Mondays & Wednesdays    10-10:50am      MSG 125
Code 4695                  Course CS 129O   $54


An exercise class designed to teach breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility. Bring a Pilates mat. Instructor: Beth May. No class 11/6 & 11/11.                                             

Sept. 16-Nov. 27       Mondays & Wednesdays     4-4:50pm          MSG 200
Code 4617                  Course CS 129A    $54


This exercise class combines flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and relaxation. You will be encouraged to work at your own level of fitness. Bring a yoga mat. Instructor: Tina Goss.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26       Tuesdays & Thursdays     6-6:50pm          MSG 200
Code 4618                  Course CS 129B    $54


Learn fundamental skills and techniques of beginning volleyball. Includes basic rules, scoring and strategy. Instructor: Ewings.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26       Tuesdays & Thursdays     12-12:50pm      MSG 103
Code 4623                  Course CS 129D    $54

Cardio Conditioning

A combination of cardio experiences to improve cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscle fitness and flexibility. A variety of movements will be explored, including step aerobics, kickboxing, Drums Alive, Zumba, and circuits and weights. Instructor: Tina Goss.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26       Tuesdays & Thursdays     10-10:50am       MSG 200
Code 4627                  Course CS CS 129H$54 

Stretching & Flexibility

Learn safe stretches to increase flexibility and range of motion. Understand how stretching can help you Decrease injury, recover after other workouts, and calm your mind and body. Instructor: Carrie Johnson.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26       Tuesdays & Thursdays     12-12:50pm      MSG 200
Code 4621                  Course CS 129C    $54
Lifelong Learners 50+           Code 4622                  Course SNRC 090A     $25


Multilevel classes for men, women, and young adults (ages 16 and up) to develop balance, agility, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility. You will further develop techniques, forms, and self-defense aspects required to advance to blue and orange belt in the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Instructor: Silas Newkirk. No class 11/6 and 11/11.

Sept. 16-Dec. 2          Mondays and Wednesdays     6-8:00pm          MSG 200
Beginning                   Code 4624                  Course CS 129E    $69
Intermediate                   Code 4625                  Course CS 129F    $69
Advanced                   Code 4626                  Course CS 129G    $69

T’ai Chi Daytime

T’ai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese form of exercise characterized by slow, graceful movements of a gentle, non-impact nature. Instructor: Russell Barr. No class 11/6 & 11/11

Sept. 16-Dec. 2          Mondays & Wednesdays     8-8:50am          MSG 200
Code 4628                  Course CS 129J     $54
Lifelong Learners 50+           Code 4629           Course SNRC 090B           $35


Combattitude® is a fitness program designed to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance, build muscle tone and strength, and promote weight loss, flexibility, mental focus, confidence, and offensive and defensive pugilistic skills. The curriculum is based on a unique blend of fighting arts (Western boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Savate, Thai boxing, Jun Fan kickboxing, Filipino) and fight choreography arranged in a 32-segment sequence of offensive and defensive moves taught in three distinctive levels (Amateur/Bronze, Intermediate/Silver, Advanced/Gold). Wraps and 12oz gloves are needed. Instructor: Charles Farrall.

Sept. 17-Nov. 26       Tuesdays & Thursdays     7:15-8:15pm          MSG 200
Bronze Level                   Code 4684     Course CS 129L                 $60
Silver Level                   Code 4685     Course CS 129M                $60
Gold Level                   Code 4686      Course CS 129N          $60

senior weightsNEW Senior Stretch

A warm-up, a stretch portion, and a cool-down to generate more freedom of movement for your everyday activities and prevent injuries. Instructor: April Beauregard.

Sept. 16-Dec. 2          Mondays & Wednesdays    9-9:50am          MSG 200
Code 4670                  Course CS 129K    $25

Senior Adult Fitness

This class is similar to a health club for seniors. You will learn to use weights and exercise machines that are safe for seniors. Students are taught to do a warm-up on aerobic machines, and a cool-down at the end of class. Blood pressure and oximeter readings are offered and available. Instructor: April Beauregard. No class 10/11, 11/11, & 11/29.

Sept. 16-Dec. 6          Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays    7-7:50am          MSG 125
Lifelong Learners 50+         Code 4682                  Course SNRC 096A           $42

Sept. 16-Dec. 6         Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays    8-8:50am          MSG 125
Lifelong Learners 50+         Code 4683                  Course SNRC 096B     $42

Senior-Friendly T’ai Chi

An ancient Chinese practice, T’ai Chi is taught most often as an individual discipline that promotes good health by developing the mind body connection. The practice, due to use of slow, controlled, but graceful and continuous movements, also has benefits on one’s muscle control and balance. Instructor: Lauren Jessup. No class 11/11

Level 1                                                                  

Sept. 16-Dec. 4          Mondays & Wednesdays    2-2:50pm          MSG 200
Lifelong Learners 50+               Code 4665               Course SNRC 090C           $35

Level 2                                                                  

Sept. 16-Dec. 4          Mondays & Wednesdays    1-1:50pm          MSG 200
Lifelong Learners 50+                        Code 4666                 Course SNRC 090D     $35

sugar programRESTART: A sugar detox program

This 5-week RESTART program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from having to process toxins like sugar. With a 3-week sugar detox built in, the program focuses on how to use real food to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings. You will also learn about digestion and blood sugar regulation. Discover how good you can feel! Instructor: Kate Moore.

Sept. 25-Oct. 23        Wednesdays      6-7:45pm          WAH 115
Code 4619                  Course CS 207A    $90

Sept. 26-Oct. 24        Thursdays     6-7:45pm          WAH 115
Code 4620                  Course CS 207B          $90

Reiki Level 1

Would you like to access a simple and safe technique to give healing energy to yourself and others? No prior experience or ability is necessary. This one-day seminar is full of information, techniques, meditations, and hands-on experience. You will be able to effectively transfer healing Reiki energy to yourself or another person, restoring health and wellness on all levels. Instruction, attunement, complete manual, and certification are provided. Break for 1-hour lunch. Instructor: Ardeth Ellis.

Nov. 9              Saturday         9am-5pm         WAH 113
Code 6623                  Course CS 207A          $100

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