Creative Arts

There's an artist within us all - it just might need some coaching to emerge. With classes for beginners to more advanced artists, there are classes to suit every interest and skill level.

Winter Creative Arts Classes

NEW - Soft Pastels Techniques - Different Subject Each Time

Follow along with the instructor step-by-step as we use tonal value and color to paint a pastel picture in the photo realism style using instructor-supplied photos. Students learn about the properties of soft pastels, application techniques, and soft pastel supplies. A sheet of sanded pastel paper and a print of a different subject will be provided per class. Bring your own pastels and pastel pencils, but supplies will be available to use in class for new students. Instructor: Gay Hoffman.

Jan 7-14   Thursdays    10:00am-1:00pm     TEC 109
Code 6630- Course CS 136C - $70

Jan 21-28    Thursdays   10:00am – 1:00pm     TEC 109
Code 6631 - Course CS 136D - $70

Feb 4-11     Thursdays   10:00am – 1:00pm   TEC 109
Code 6632 - Course CS 136E - $70

Feb 18-26   Thursdays    10:00am – 1:00pm    TEC 109
Code 6633 - Course CS 136F - $70

Mar 4-11   Thursdays    10:00am – 1:00pm    TEC 109
Code 8617 - Course CS 136A - $70

NEW - Silk Dyeing with Wax Resist

Design and create beautiful 100 % silk scarves using soy wax and professional dyes from Jacquard. Learn new techniques with each scarf created. It's a fun and simple process – learning how to handle the medium happens quickly and allows for lots of experimenting. This is an in-person class and is limited to 2 people, face masks required at all times, and all social distancing rules apply. Supply fee: $25 per scarf created. Instructor: Joan Hitchcock.

Jan 11     Monday   6-8:00pm        Rochester
Code 6635 - Course CS 101B - $40

Jan 25     Monday   12-2:00pm      Rochester
Code 6636 - Course CS 101C - $40

Feb 8       Monday   6-8:00pm        Rochester
Code 6637 - Course CS 101D - $40

Feb 22     Monday   12-2:00pm            Rochester
Code 6638 - Course CS 101E - $40

Mar 8      Monday  6-8:00pm               Rochester
Code 8601 - Course CS 101A - $40

Mar 22     Monday    12-2:00pm           Rochester
Code 8602 - Course CS 101B - $40          

NEW - Introduction to Pine Needle Basket Weaving

Pine needle art is one of the oldest crafts known. It dates back some 9,000 years, even before pottery, which was made by lining twig baskets with clay. The indigenous people were the first to make pine needle baskets. They used a sharp piece of sea shell or bone as a needle. Some of the baskets were used for carting water, also for winnowing seeds or as feed baskets. Today, the art of pine needle basketry is still being done by a few creative people. There is no limit to what one can do with pine needles and a little imagination and skills, which will come with patience and practice. Instructor: Theresa Shortman.

Jan 7-Mar 18     Thursdays       6:30-7:30pm         TEC 109
Code 6655 - Course CS 102A - $175

Artistic Welding & Blacksmithing Workshop

In this class, students will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and work on projects in the welding lab. Beginning students will learn MIG welding and Oxy/acetylene welding, cutting and brazing. The forge will be available for blacksmithing projects and advanced students will be able to work on individual projects. Students will learn a variety of processes including: oxy/acetylene welding and cutting, oxy/acetlyne brazing, MIG (GMAW) welding, plasma cutting, and the use of metal shears, benders, grinders, punches, saws and various drilling machines. Students interested in learning other processes, such as TIG (GTAW) or stick (SMAW) will be given special instruction and the opportunity to practice on their own.

Jan 8-Feb 26     Fridays     1-5:00pm         TEC 103
Code 6661 - Course CS 138B - $175    

Stained Glass – Lead & Foil

Learn the techniques to make and complete your first stained glass panel. Class covers selecting design, leading basics, soldering, and finishing techniques. *Must wear closed toe shoes to class.* Bring your own glass tools or purchase supplies and tools from the instructor at class. Glass and material supplies will cost approximately $100-200, payable to the instructor. Class is held at 18245 Irwin St. SW, Rochester. Call for directions 360-273-6562. Supplies: Bring a fine or medium black and silver Sharpie. You may bring a sack lunch or snack to the day classes. Instructor: Karen Milton.

Day class:
Jan 20-Feb 17     Wednesdays   10:00am-1:00pm     Rochester
Code 6641 - Course CS 103C - $107
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6642 - Course SNRC 081F - $54

Feb 24-Mar 24     Wednesdays     10:00am – 1:00pm    Rochester
Code 8604 - Course CS 103A - $107
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 8605 - Course SNRC 081A - $54

Evening class:
Jan 7-Feb 4     Thursdays    6-9:00pm       Rochester

Code 6643 - Course CS 103D - $107
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6644 - Course SNRC 081G - $54

Feb 11-Mar 11    Thursdays     6-9:00pm     Rochester
Code 6645 - Course CS 103E - $107
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6646 - Course SNRC 081H - $54

Mar 18-Apr 15      Thursdays     6-9:00pm      Rochester
Code 8606 - Course CS 103B - $107
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 8607 - Course SNRC 081B - $54

Glass Workshops

Beginners welcome! Workshops are a great way to sample stained glass and create a project to keep or give as a gift. Material costs listed below. *Must wear closed toe shoes to class.* Classes held at 18245 Irwin St. SW, Rochester. Supplies: Bring a fine or medium black and silver Sharpie. You may bring a sack lunch or snack to the day classes. Instructor: Karen Milton.

Dragonfly ($15-25)
Jan 13 & 20     Wednesdays     6-9:00pm      Rochester

Code 6647 - Course CS 101G - $35

Valentine Heart Leaded Bevel ($15-25)
Feb 3       Wednesday    6-9:00pm     Rochester

Code 6648 - Course CS 101H - $35

Windchimes ($15-25)
Mar 10     Wednesday    6-9:00pm     Rochester

Code 8608 - Course CS 101D - $35
Mar 17    Wednesday     6-9:00pm     Rochester
Code 8609 - Course CS 101E - $35

Fused Flowers ($15-25)
Mar 24     Monday   6-9:00pm     Rochester

Code 8610 - Course CS 101F - $35

Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry: Silversmithing

This class is for returning students who have completed Beginning Jewelry Making. Some stone-setting will be explored in the combination of rings, pendants, and bracelets. Students will work on an individual project. Supplies will range from $20-60 and are payable to the instructor. Instructor: Ann Rawls   

Jan 4 -Mar 22      Mondays     11:00am-3:00pm       TEC 109
Code 6611 - Course CS 104A - $106
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6612 - Course SNRC 081C - $72

Jan 5-Mar 23      Tuesdays    11:00am -3:00pm       TEC 109
Code 6613 - Course CS 104B - $106
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6614 - Course SNRC 081D - $72

Weekly Jewelry Workshop

This class is for returning Intermediate/Advanced Jewelry students.  This is a project class; each student should come prepared with a project to complete at the workshop.  The instructor will be on-hand to teach students individual skills required to complete their project. All students must have taken Beginning and Intermediate Jewelry classes prior to registration for this workshop. Supplies will range from $20-60 and are payable to the instructor. Instructor: David Furuli.

Jan 6-Mar 24     Wednesdays     11:00am-3:00pm       TEC 109
Code 6615 - Course CS 104C - $60
Lifelong Learners 50+ - Code 6616 - Course SNRC 081E - $34

NEW - Making Faces Part 1: Overcome Fear when Painting the Human Face

This class is for the student who finds they are fearful or frustrated when attempting to create a painting of a human face. Students will complete one painting per session which will focus on developing the basic skills needed to find success. Have fun in a safe environment and explore seeing things we find in nature that replicate the human face. No actual human faces will be painted in Part 1. This class will develop the confidence needed to successfully paint human faces. We will be working with primarily acrylic paints. Supply cost: $40. Instructors: Sue Wachter and Joan Hitchcock.

Jan 7-28     Thursdays     6:00pm         VIRT
Code 6628 - Course CS 136A - $120

NEW - Making Faces Part 2 – You’ve Got This!

This class is for students who either attended Making Faces - Part 1 or who are confident in color mixing, shading, detailing, and layering acrylic paints. This class will take a closer look at how to take basic skills and apply them to create impressionistic art reflecting the human face. The class will focus on various facial features and encourage development of personal style and expression. Supply cost: $40 for new students, $20 for students who have taken Part 1. Instructors: Sue Wachter and Joan Hitchcock.

Feb 18-Mar 11     Thursdays      6:00pm          VIRT
Code 6629 - Course CS 136B - $120

NEW - Beginning Watercolor

This three-session virtual class is a safe place for the truly beginning watercolorist to explore and build solid skills. These skills will set you up to continue to grow beyond the class. Please respect the needs of the class and do not register if you are an experienced watercolor artist. Contact Sue if you are not sure. You will be provided with artist-quality paints and explore a variety of papers to discover your personal preferences. Pick-Up: $25 for supplies OR shipping options available. Instructor: Sue Wachter.

Feb 2, 16 & Mar 2      Tuesdays   6-8:00pm          VIRT
Code 6634 - Course CS 136G - $65

NEW - Zentangle (Reversed)

The Zentangle Method is described by the originators as an “easy to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.” Penny Degener, Certified Zentangle instructor, will guide students as they learn and practice patterns that come together into unique and intricate mosaics. This class will focus on black tiles with white ink (rather than the traditional black on white approach). Everyone is welcome. The class will be taught virtually through Zoom on the scheduled day and time. Lectures will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend all four sessions. Supply lists will be provided at the time of registration.

Jan 5-26     Tuesdays     10:00am-11:00am        VIRT
Code 6731 - Course CS 136H - $25

Silk Scarf Dying

Silk Dying is always a fun, relaxing, and successful way to design beautiful wearable art. This class will be virtual so you can create in your own home. You will have the option of designing either 1 or 2 scarves during the session. You will need to return finished pieces to the Instructor Sue Wachter so the scarves' brilliant colors can be permanently steam-set into the silk. Supply cost: $15 for one scarf, $25 for two scarves. Instructor: Sue Wachter.

Jan 19    Tuesday   6-8:00pm       VIRT
Code 6639 - Course CS 101F - $30

Mar 16    Tuesday   6-8:00pm       VIRT
Code 8603 - Course CS 101C - $30

Intro to Artistic Welding & Metal Working

In this new virtual series, you will be introduced to the fascinating world of welding and metalworking through online lectures, discussions, demonstration videos, and personalized one-on-one instruction sessions on Zoom. This course will show you how to transform your ideas into reality. You will learn a variety of processes, including oxy/acetylene welding and cutting, oxy/acetylene brazing, MIG welding (GMAW), plasma cutting, and the use of metal shears, benders, grinders, punches, saws, and drilling various metals. Instruction will also be given on how to select welding machines and how to set them up in your own shop. Instructor: Marycolleen Foley

Jan 4-Feb 22    Mondays   6-8:00pm      VIRT
Code 6640 - Course CS 138A - $120

How to Register

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  2. Mail the registration form to:
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In-person registration is not currently available. By order of the governor, Centralia College offices are closed to the public.

  1. Download a registration form or pick one up in the Enrollment Services Office on the second floor of the TransAlta Commons on CC's campus.
  2. Bring the completed registration form to the Cashier, also on the second floor of the TransAlta Commons building.

Register by phone using a credit card at 360-623-8940.

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