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Take your career to the next level with a professional certification or targeted business classes, or learn basic computer skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

Winter 2020 Classes


You learn professional flagging techniques and proper work zone set-up in accordance with standards and guidelines of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Washington State Department of Transportation, and the Department of Labor and Industries Washington Administrative Code pertaining to flagging and temporary traffic control. Students passing the demonstration portion and 50-question exam will receive the Washington State Flagger Certification Card accepted in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) National Flagger Certification Card accepted in most other states. Course includes references to the ATSSA flagging workbook, MUTCD, workshops, flagging demonstration, video, and PowerPoint presentation. Successful completion of course certifies you for a period of three years. You must be 18 years of age to receive certification. Bring a pencil/pen to class. Refunds given if you withdraw at least 24 hours prior to the start of class. Cost for each class is $65. Instructor: Rich Bunker.

Saturdays       8am-5pm       WAH 115
Dec. 7              Code 6600     Course CE 200A

Jan. 4              Code 6601     Course CE 200B

Feb. 15             Code 6701     Course CE 200C

March 7           Code 8600     Course CE 200A

April 4              Code 8601     Course CE 200D


The American Safety and Health Institute class covers bleeding control, seizures, epi-pen use, allergic reactions, broken bones, choking, poisoning, CPR for adults, children and infants, and other life threatening emergencies. Learn how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator). Upon completion, you will receive an American Safety and Health Institute card valid for two years. Refunds given if you withdraw at least 24 hours prior to the start of class. Instructor: Carrie Johnson on 4/6, Chris Layton on 5/18. Cost is $75.

Saturdays      8:30am-4pm     MSG 106
Nov. 23           Code 6624        Course CE 207A

Dec. 7              Code 6625       Course CE 207B

Feb. 15               Code 6702       Course CE 207D

March 14          Code 8602        Course CE 207A

April 11            Code 8603        Course CE 207B 

Fundraising Basics

Understand what it takes to be successful in fundraising. Learn about building a strategic plan, knowing the role of a non-profit board, and identifying different fund raising techniques such as crowd-sourcing, special events, donations, and grants. Find ways to match funding needs with donor actions and build enduring relationships. Excellent for Grant Writing. Instructor: Gayle Palmer.

Jan. 25            Saturday         9am-1pm          WAH 105
Code 6690      Course CS 186B     $60

Grant Writing Basics

Have you ever wondered if writing grants would be a good strategy for your nonprofit organization? This course will help you decide how grant funded projects can play a role in your fundraising plans. You will learn basic steps for writing grant proposals to local and regional funding organizations. The course will cover tips on searching for funders and matching your organization’s project with the appropriate foundation. The course is organized in two class sessions where we have time for developing a case statement in class. We will cover budget development and providing evaluation and metrics to measure the impact of your project on your community. Instructor: Gayle Palmer.

Feb. 22              Saturday         9am-1pm          WAH 105
Code 6692        Course CS 186D     $60 

Managing Volunteers for Success

Gain a new vision for managing volunteers in a world where most people have many choices for how they use their time. Understand volunteer motivation and recruitment to reach the volunteers you want to engage. Create a checklist for volunteer recruitment including the best ways to evaluate volunteer talents and skills for effectiveness. Discuss key steps to avoid frustration and burnout in your volunteer corps. Discover how thoughtful and active volunteer management practices will produce better service to the community. Instructor: Gayle Palmer.

Nov. 16           Saturday         9am-1pm          WAH 113
Code 6621      Course CS 186A     $60

Feb. 8           Saturday         9am-1pm          WAH 105
Code 6691      Course CS 186C     $60


This class is for the new computer user who wants to learn about computers in an easy to understand hands-on course. You will learn to use the desktop, taskbar, scroll bars, and other controls in Windows, and how to use the basic programs to write letters and save into organized folders you create. Learn to use flash drives to make information portable. This class uses Windows 10. Instructor: Amanda Warner. No class 1/20.

Jan. 6-Feb. 3            Mondays      5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 4676                  Course CS 152A    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+          Code 4677                 Course SNRC 043A          $30


Learn the basics for creating, editing and saving documents. Topics include formatting, copying, selecting and editing. Instructor: Amanda Warner.

Jan. 8-29            Wednesdays      5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 6695                    Course CS 152C    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+   Code 6696                  Course SNRC 043C          $30


This course is for students who have completed Computer Basics or have an understanding of creating and saving documents. You will continue to build file management skills by creating, copying, moving, and deleting files and folders. You will expand your knowledge to include common tasks, such as printing and moving information from one application or folder to another. Use “search” to find anything on your computer! You will also learn to maintain your computer, work with the Control Panel, navigate the Internet, and find and save information. This class uses Windows 10. Instructor: Amanda Warner. No class 11/11.

Nov. 4-Dec. 2     Mondays          5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 4680          Course CS 152C    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+          Code 4681     Course SNRC 043C     $30

Feb. 24-March 16     Mondays          5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 8604          Course CS 152A    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+          Code 8605     Course SNRC 043A     $30


Introductory class! You will learn to create new worksheets and edit existing worksheets. Learn to input data, use auto fills to save time and improve accuracy. Format data using color, font size, sort and select data effectively. We will discuss formulas and creating charts to present data. Instructor: Amanda Warner.

Nov. 13-Dec. 4          Wednesdays         5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 6618                 Course CS 152A    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+          Code 6619                  Course SNRC 043A     $30

Feb. 12-March 4          Wednesdays         5:30-8pm          WAH 212
Code 6699                 Course CS 152D    $50
Lifelong Learners 50+          Code 6700                  Course SNRC 043D     $30

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