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Chemical Dependency Professional

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The Industry

The Chemical Dependency Program is for adults who want rewarding careers in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Students who complete the degree and an internship fulfill Washington Administrative Code (WAC) requirements toward a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) certification.

Associate in Applied Science–Chemical Dependency Professional

The two-year AAS degree in Chemical Dependency features traditional classroom courses with some online options.

Classes include:

  • 47 credits of chemical dependency courses
  • 10 credits of psychology courses
  • 36 credits of related courses

Admission to Centralia College’s Chemical Dependency Professional program is dependent on a background check.

Steps to Become a CDP

  1. Begin the Chemical Dependency Professional degree program at Centralia College.
  2. Become a registered counselor by completing the Chemical Dependency Trainee Application.
  3. Begin your internship (a minimum of 2,500 hours of experience is required; hours can be accumulated during your education).
  4. Pass a certification test.

When all of the above steps are completed, students are eligible to apply for credentials from Washington State as a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP).

Career Opportunities

Washington State is currently experiencing a shortage of Chemical Dependency Professionals.

Certified CDPs work in many different treatment settings:

  • Residential and Outpatient Facilities
  • Schools
  • Probation Offices
  • Corrections Departments
  • Mental Health Agencies
  • Prevention Programs

Occupational Outlook, Job & Salary Statistics

For statistics on Chemical Dependency Professional Occupations see:


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