summer scienceSummer Science 2020

Cultivate your inner science geek this summer at Centralia College.

With more science classes than any one person can handle (with the exception of Bill Nye himself), you can earn science credits you can take anywhere. Classes are affordable and FULLY ONLINE!


Human Biology - BIOL& 170AP1 (5 credits)

Presents the structure, organization, and life functions of the human; cells, tissues, and organ systems; development from embryo to adult; aging and disease; human evolution and ecology.


Introduction to Chemistry - CHEM& 121 (5 credits)

Survey of chemistry with applications in everyday life: atoms, bonds, reactions, and calculations. Prerequisite: one year high school algebra or MATH 098. Lab fee $27.69.

General Chemistry Prep - CHEM& 139 (5 credits)

Preparatory chemistry for science/engineering majors intending to take the CHEM& 161 sequence. Emphasizes quantitative reasoning, focusing on how mathematics is used in chemistry. Introduces nomenclature, dimensional analysis, stoichiometry, atomic structure, gas laws and solutions. Prerequisite: MATH 098 or instructor permission. 

Environmental Science

Intro to Environmental Science w/Lab - ENVS& 101 (5 credits

An interdisciplinary course for non-science majors and beginning science students. Topics include biodiversity, climate, pollution, energy and food. Independent laboratories and field trips included. Students cannot receive credit for both ENVS& 100 and ENVS& 101. 


Natural Hazards and Catastrophes - GEOL 108 (5 credits)

An examination of earth materials and processes through the study of earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and meteorite impacts. Examination of causes and effects on human populations and the environment; preparedness, prediction and forecasting; mitigation of risks, and case studies.


Nutrition - NUTR& 101 (5 credits)

An exploration of human nutrition with an emphasis on metabolism, digestion, dietary planning and analysis, and weight control. Prerequisite: High school-level biology or chemistry. 

Intro Food Science w/Lab - NUTR 103 (5 credits)

Ever wondered just what is the difference between cake flour and bread flour?  Or how a pile of sugar can turn into mouth-watering caramel candies? This fully online course will get you doing at-home lab experiments. You'll test the utility of marinades, bake your own bread, culture your own yogurt, and more! Plus, it's five credits of lab-based natural science with no prerequisites. Science is delicious!


Intro to Oceanography - OCEA& 101 (5 credits)

Meets requirement for lab course. Explore the physical, geological, chemical and biological characteristics of the ocean: waves and tides, ocean and atmosphere circulation, coastal features and beach processes, ocean basins, sediments, ocean chemistry and physics, plate tectonics, and marine life.

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