summer mathSummer Math 2020

CC Offers Extra Support in Two Critical Math Courses.

Math can be a major barrier for students who need a college degree or job training. At Centralia College, we get it. For summer quarter, CC offers two more supportive math options for students. Each option adds a 30-minute supplemental course to give students more support and personalized help.

Pre-Calculus: Math 140-141

Math 140 is a class that runs 30 minutes before Math 141 (students must enroll in both) to give students more support and personalized help. Research has shown similar classes nationwide have had dramatic effects on students’ abilities to pass and continue to more advanced math classes successfully.

“Corequisite models are the most powerful strategy for increasing completion of transfer-level math,” explained Professor Teri Adams. “The course helps students catch up and keep up by providing introduction and reinforcement of the Math141 concepts.”

The Math 140-141 combo class is perfect for students who haven’t taken math in a while or who were placed in pre-college math, or Running Start students who didn’t receive a B or higher in Algebra 2.

Statistics: Math 145-146

Ease gently into statistics with more personalized support by taking the 1-credit add-on of Math 145. 

Math 145 is a 1-credit support course, taken at the same time as Intro to Statistics (Math&146). The ONLY purpose of Math 145 is to help you do better in Math&146. Math 145 gives you extra support and extra time to refresh, practice, and learn the important skills needed for Statistics.

“In Math 145, we will get early practice with the technology used in Statistics, plus learn statistical logic, plus get a refresher in the algebra that is really used in Statistics,” explained Professor Preston Kiekel. “It is an extra 30 minutes per class period. Students in the past have consistently said they feel that Math 145 helped them feel more prepared for Intro to Statistics.”

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