clark the cceast mascotPrograms at CCEast

Earn a college degree or certificate, prepare for the GED test, take personal enrichment classes, and much more without leaving eastern Lewis County.

Winter Classes

For meeting times and course descriptions, refer to the online class schedule, download the Winter 2021 CCEast Advising Schedule (pdf), or call 360-496-5022. Most winter quarter classes begin the week of Jan. 4.

In an effort to offer a full spectrum of learning opportunities for students, the following class modalities are being offered:

  • Face-to-Face classes are the traditional in-person sessions in a classroom with an instructor. All COVID-19 protocols and restrictions must be met. Students must wear face masks and use social distancing.
  • Online classes are fully online with no required dates/times for meeting. (There still may be deadlines assigned for tests, discussions, and assignments.)
  • Hybrid classes have some of the face-to-face class time replaced with online activities.
  • Virtual classes meet on a specific schedule, but may use online platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, or others.
  • Hybrid/Virtual classes meet virtually on a specific day/time for part of the class, with an online component for the rest.

Academic Transfer

  • Intro to Statistics (M)                          MATH 146                   Face-to-face
  • Global Health Issues (HF)(D)              HLTH 141                    Online
  • Health & Wellness (HF)                       HLTH 130                    Hybrid/Face-to-face   

Career & Technical Education

  • Principles of Accounting                     ACCT& 201                  Online
  • Individual Income Taxes                     ACCT 260                     Online
  • Payroll Accounting                             ACCT 270                     Online
  • Word I                                                 BTEC 210                     Online
  • Excel I                                                  BTEC 214                     Online
  • Desktop Publishing                             BTEC 218                     Online
  • Word II                                                BTEC 219                     Online
  • PowerPoint                                         BTEC 222                     Online

Transitional Education

These classes are for students who need some additional instruction prior to taking college-level courses. The following math classes are taught via computer-based instruction, with instructor support and guidance. Students attend face-to-face or may complete the class virtually with online instructor support.

  • Pre-Algebra                                         MATH 096                              
  • Algebra I                                              MATH 098      
  • Algebra II                                             MATH 099                                    

High School Completion

HS+ is a high school diploma program for adults age 18 and older. The first step is to submit an official copy of your high school transcripts to Centralia College East (PO Box 87, Morton 98356). Classes are $25 per quarter. (Low-income waivers are available for students who qualify.)

GED Classes & Testing

Students can take online classes through Centralia College East to prepare for the GED exam. Through the classes, students are given access to GED Readiness Practice Tests to identify gaps in learning prior to attempting the official GED exams. Testing scholarships are available for students who qualify. Call 360-496-5022 to get started.

Open Doors

Open Doors Youth Reengagement is a new partnership with the Morton and Mossyrock school districts and CCEast that provides educational services to youth who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by age 21. Call 360-496-5022 to get started.

Continuing & Community Education

These non-credit classes are designed for learning new skills and information in a non-graded, relaxed setting. Tuition is offered at a reduced rate. See the Continuing Education page for the most updated list of classes.

Possibilities at CCEast

Classes offered at Centralia College East enable individuals to complete a Centralia College Associate in Arts degree. This degree can either be transferred to a four-year university or be used to meet qualifications for jobs in the public or private sector.

Coursework toward several Business Technology certificates and Associate in Technical Arts (ATA) degrees can be taken at Centralia College East.

  • Administrative Assistant - ATA
  • Medical Administrative Assistant - ATA
  • Legal Administrative Assistant - ATA
  • Accounting - ATA, AAS & Certificates
  • Business Administration - ATA
  • Office Assistant and Legal Office Assistant - Certificate
  • Medical Office Assistant - Certificate

Prerequisite courses offered at CCEast on a rotating basis are:

  • Algebra I, Algebra II
  • Intro to Statastics
  • Composition I & II depending on quarter
  • Human Relations - Workplace
  • Lifespan Psychology

High school juniors and seniors who test at college level may, tuition free, begin their college coursework while meeting high school graduation requirements.

Individualized and small group study is offered Monday through Thursday at CCEast.

These non-credit classes designed for learning new skills and information in a non-graded, relaxed setting. Classes include health and fitness, arts, and more!

Community business classes earn no college credits and are offered at a reduced rate. Skills gained from these classes may be adapted to the business setting for professional development.


701 Airport Way
PO Box 87
Morton, WA 98356
360-496-5022 / 360-623-8925